Bankruptcy Reform- Areas of Interest to Community Associations
By Lella Amiss E. Pape | October 2005

The “Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005,” known as the Bankruptcy Reform Act (“Act”), the first major revision of the federal bankruptcy laws since 1978, took effect on October 17, 2005. The Supreme Court summarized the intent of . . .

Fair Housing Laws – Are you in Compliance
By Lella Amiss E. Pape and Lisandro Santiago | July 2009

Whether meritorious or not, community associations are easy targets for fair housing claims. While associations have the authority to impose certain rules on their members within the scope of their governing documents, at times enforcement . . .

Federal Changes to Pool and Spa Safety Laws
By Lella Amiss E. Pape and Kelly C. Zook | March 2008

Pools and spas have become the latest area where federal law will impact community association operations. In July 2007, Congress began consideration a bill called . . .

Lights Camera Action – Does your Association need to consider Security
By Christopher B. DeMers, Esquire and Lella Amiss “Ami” E. Pape, Esquire

Security provided by community associa­tions has become a hot topic at board meet­ings, as well as the subject of a fair amount of litigation in recent years. The legal duty on the part of a condominium . . .

If A Tree Falls and My Neighbor Hears it – Who Pays
By Rory K. Nugent, Esq. and Lella Amiss E. Pape, Esq. | January 2008

With the area’s increasing population density, it is easy to imagine the many ways in which neighbors may bump into each other. Unfortunately, disputes tend to arise . . .

Using Self Help Remedies on Foreclosed Properties
By Ursula Koenig, Attorney at Law, Kathleen Machado, Attorney at Law, and Lella Amiu “Ami” E. Pape, Attorney at Law

The real estate market has experienced especially tough years since the latter half of 2006. As the U.S. housing bubble burst, mortgage lenders and broken increasingly offered loans to . . .



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